All prices at Roielte Designs LLC are subject to change at any time and will be effective immediately upon posting on www.roieltedesigns.com. All projects require full payment at the time of booking. NO DESIGNS will be started without payment.

You must have your product pictures, product names, prices, forms, revision requests, and any other materials needed to complete your design. If you fail to do so, you will be charged a late fee of $5 for every day your materials are late. The late fee payment must be made before any work is done on your project. If you fail to submit your materials before 30 days after the order date, your services WILL be canceled with NO REFUND.


Roielte Designs LLC does not provide refunds for any series of projects. Wanting to use another business or having buyers remorse is not a suitable means for a refund. Once payment has been made, the project will begin and the final design will be returned to the client/customer in the turnaround time frame given (Note: Turnaround times vary amongst projects or amount of projects. An ample 5-30 days may be needed because there may be revisions that need to be done and/or prior projects may have paid a fee to request that their order be rushed. If you would like to cancel an order you already paid for, Roielte Designs LLC WILL NOT refund any of the payment already received.

Turnaround times range anywhere from 3-21 days UNLESS rush is added to your order. Rush turn around is stated on each product, excluding websites and packages.

Draft images of ANY kind are only used for approval. They are not to be manipulated, copied or taken for personal use. ALL drafts are property of Roielte Designs LLC.

For all projects done by Roielte Designs LLC, there is a three (3) free revision limit. After three revisions, any additional revision will be $10.00 each. For larger scale projects such as packages or web design, the revision limit is unlimited. This is to ensure that you receive your project(s) within the set turnaround time and to ensure a steady workflow. You must reply to email/messages that contain drafts within 24 hours, to ensure that revisions can be completed and sent back to you in an appropriate amount of time. If you do not respond to an email/message containing drafts within 24 hours you will be moved to the back of the order and your order will be completed at a later time.

It is important to have some kind of vision for your business so it can be relayed to us. If you would like for us to freestyle on your project, be aware that our creative visions may not align.

❏ Clients are required to submit all HIGH quality pictures.

❏ PLEASE refrain from using dull cell phone images.

❏ DO NOT send Snapchat edited photos, photos with words on them or photos that have been harshly edited.

❏ Note: Vendor photos/ stock photos are less credible and professional.

❏ Make sure ALL text/information given is spell checked, proofread before sending and is not subject to copyright.

❏ If more than two errors are present, clients will be notified and further work will not begin until everything is correct.

❏ Once completed, you (the client) also gives Roielte Designs LLC the right to use for portfolio and/or marketing purposes unless agreed upon otherwise.

Business days do not include weekends, holidays or vacations. If a vacation is near, you will be informed on social media a week before. All projects will resume when the vacation is over.

It is important that you have some type of vision, color scheme or font in mind when purchasing a logo.

● Freestyle logos will not be redone if they do not match the vision of clients.

● Once design is finished, a draft will be sent to you for the purpose of approval only. If it is designed to your approval, the watermark will be removed and you will be sent your final design.

You can choose between different web hosts: Shopify, Wix or Wordpress. Shopify is the most used. Websites require a lot of detailed information from the customer/client. Be sure to fill out the Website Form as accurately as possible with as much information as you have. Websites have ONE fee, despite the web host you choose. Roielte Designs LLC is not responsible for any monthly fee.

After your website has been completed you have 7 days to let us know if you would like any revisions to your website. If you request any changes after that 7 days you will be subject to purchasing a Website Maintenance package. PLEASE NOTE: Website Maintenance package details are on the product page and are limited to what's written. Any changes outside of what's stated will incur additional fees.

● Pixelated images or poor quality cell phone images as NOT satisfactory product pictures.

● Turnaround time begins once all information is received from the client.

● Promotional Flyers require a color scheme and/or vision and information.

● Design only is available

By continuing to book, you agree to the policies and the terms and conditions listed above you give promotional rights to Roielte Designs LLC.

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